Are Printed Catalogs Still Relevant?

With all the buzz about e-commerce, you may wonder if it's worthwhile to include a printed product catalog in your sales and marketing strategy. Product catalogs are nothing new, and it wasn't so long ago that they were the most effective (and sometimes only) way to present your products to customers. But are printed catalogs and newsletters still relevant?

Do You Need a Catalog?

While times have changed and online shopping has experienced explosive growth, product catalogs are still a great way to reach large audiences. Here's a look at how your company can combine digital publishing and online shopping to reach more customers than ever.

  1. People still love printed catalogs. There's something about a freshly printed catalog arriving in the mail that causes people to pause and take a second look at your products. Customers still love the look and feel of a professionally printed catalog, and they'll use it as a way to relax, browsing through your product line-up and becoming familiar with your brand. A professional digital publishing company can design and produce a catalog that promotes your products and creates renewed interest in your company.
  2. Repeated opportunities to increase sales. Depending on your product, seasonal changes and holidays all represent new opportunities to publish and mail another catalog. Customers like to see what's new, and when your catalogs are printed using state-of-the-art digital publishing equipment, you can easily change up the content to reflect the season.
  3. Bridge the gap between print and digital catalogs. Your printed catalog can direct customers to your website for easy online ordering, and your website is a convenient place to sign up customers to receive your printed catalog in the mail. Your catalog can also let people know how to find your social media accounts, creating even more opportunities to reach new customers.

Digital publishing can make catalog shopping a reality for your company. To get started, contact us at Performance Publishing today!

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