Available Digital Publication Services

Performance Publishing offers a turnkey solution to its clients: We have the resources to handle all phases of the publishing process.

Performance Publishing’s services are all completely subsidized through advertising revenue. In addition to this, we agree contractually to share profits with our clients. In these ways, we work to create partnerships with our clients that center on serving their members better.

Available services include:

Available services include:

  • Comprehensive advertising sales campaigns
  • Prepress production services
  • Print management
  • Publication shipping and/or mailing to the client’s membership
  • Electronic directory development
  • Electronic directory serving
  • Customized sales and marketing services

Corporate/Marketing - 11757 W. Buteo Drive | Nampa, Idaho 83686 | 800-998-4697

Publishing/Sales - 11757 W. Buteo Drive | Nampa, Idaho 83686 | 877-764-9004

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